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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  July 3, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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station by his mother's ex-boyfriend. news 4 derrick ward is outside of mount vernon metro station with more. >> reporter: this abduction happened yesterday. it was reported at about 4:00 p.m. we'll show you a picture that young man again. police say on friday at about 4:00 p.m. they got the report that 2-year-old aaron gomez was missing. his mother said the child was taken from in front of the mount vernon square metro station by her ex-boyfriend. he's a 2-year-old hispanic male. he's 3 feet tall. he has bushy hair. last seen wearing a red shirt and long blue pants. the suspect is 22-year-old alex turcios. he's a hispanic male, 5'8", weighing about 195 pounds. he was last seen wearing a cream colored shirt and blue jeans with his hair in a pony tail. the suspect also has some tattoos. one on the left side of his neck
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that reads lidia and another on his right forearm and reads ice. now please have issue ad vehicle description, a black 1999 nissan sentra which maryland please 5fg-e 91. those pleats 5fg-e91. if you see the suspect or child don't approach them because you can put the child in danger or yourself. but do call police if you do come across either of these people. again, amber alert issued for jarn gomez, a 4-year-old hispanic male taken from in front of the metro station here at mount vernon square in washington. prince george's county police and d.c. police are working together on this one. we're lichb northwest. now back to you. 8:01.
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time to check in with kim martucci for a look at our weather. enjoy today, right? >> yeah. bottle it. >> can we put it in this? >> yeah, sure. it will turn steamy here into next week. we'll ease into those 90s one day at a time today. it's a trip into 80s. we're watching the washington monument. clear skies. gorgeous start. perhaps you're getting in that morning routine, jog or walk. humidity is not bad. 69 degrees with dew points in the 50s, feels good. humidity is 53%. southwest within at 7:00. how do we compare? hagerstown at 63, richmond 60, salisbury 69. high pressuring right on top of us and hardly any clouds with us. it keeps our skies clear. so, as we look at some other temperatures, west virginia a very 134re6z over you. humidity 74%. middletown, maryland your
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temperature is 54. today from the middle 60s at 9:00 to middle 80s by 3:00. le 88 and 89. should be a keeper. see you in a bit. thank you. >> the holiday weekend has finally arrived and with the beautiful weather we're supposed to see many of you out and about enjoying the holiday. crews are preparing for large crowds. preparations are under way right now for d.c.'s big fourth of july celebration. there will be plenty of live music and fireworks to enjoy. officials, though, want to make sure you stay safe while celebrating this weekend and that means planning a little bit. >> what we're hoping is folks remember to hydrate, either bring water with them or be prepared to purchase water. wear the appropriate cloth, loose fitting, cotton lightweight clothes. remember sunscreen, a hat. there will be a chance and a time whb folks can get in out of the sun whether inside tents or
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shade trees or some of the air conditioning buildings close by might be open. remember to take breaks. also think about the younger folks among us. if you bring a lot of children you better be prepared to bring a lot of water. >> d.c. officials predict this is wuchbt most attended celebrations in years. report anything that you see that looks suspicious. there are plenty of events to fill up your weekend. here are a couple of things. this morning you can catch the rehearsal for a capital fourth. it will be broadcast on pbs. that rehearsal starts at 10:00 this morning and will last most of the day. then tomorrow at 11:45 the independence day parade will march down constitution avenue. at 3:00 p.m. the capital ground will open so you can find a seat for the festivities. from 8:00 to 9:30 a capital fourth concert and to wrap it all up fireworks will start around 9:10 and last until 9
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lone 27. >> metro also preparing for holiday tourists. there will be extra service on the fourth of july but large crowds are expected for most of the weekend. the smithsonian station will be closed most of the day tomorrow but will re-open after the fireworks. metro expects to be at rush hour capacity between 6:00 p.m. and midnight on the fourth. some fireworks to rooftop parties our website has the scoop on events going on around town for the fourth of july. head to and click on what you're doing tonight. people in montgomery county and prince george's county will spend their holiday weekend conserving water or you could face a fine. wssc has shut off water flow to an eight foot main they are trying to fix but they say they need to pump more water out of the pipe before they can install replacement parts. it is important that everyone adhere to the mandatory restrictions throughout the weekend. >> we still have an adequate
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supply of water in our distribution system to supply our customers and fire protection but with that said it doesn't mean folks should ignore the restrictions. i want means we need to continue doing what we're doing. >> dozens of people were warned for violating the restrictions. sources tell news 4 that includes redskins team owner dan snyder. a first offense will get you a warning, second will cost you $500. >> try your luck at the table games in charles town, west virginia. darcy spencer there was on the first night and found people from the washington area trying to wash in not only as players but as workers too. >> reporter: for the first time gamblers can take their chances at high stakes table games like blackjack and roulette at the hollywood casino at charles town formerly known as charles town races and slots. >> we're excited about tables finally. we go to vegas all the time. so it's like bringing vegas
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here. >> reporter: residents approved table games through a referendum that took two votes to pass. >> i've been waiting for this for a while. i'm really excited. i voted for the table games twice. it didn't pass the first time. >> reporter: for many it's about jobs and the economy. marcia is one of the dealers. she has a masters in education and is one of hundreds of laid off school teachers. >> they taught me how to play games and i'm still playing games. >> reporter: casino operators sees the move to stay competitive. maryland has approved slots, something that charles town has had for years. they offer games you expect to see in vegas and atlantic city. >> it's taking money out of maryland, you know, and bringing it down here. so as a result they are losing revenue. >> reporter: the casino is so packed here on this opening night that people are waiting in line just to get to one of these table games.
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casino officials say 90% of the gamblers are from d.c., maryland and virginia. when the casino is in full operation there will be 85 gaming tables and a 27 table poker room in addition to 5,000 slot machines. >> just think, it will bring a lot more people here that normally would go to atlantic city or vegas. it's an hour down the road versus a $400 plane ticket. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. it is day 74 of the gulf oil disaster, and oil is still spewing. you see it here in this live picture. bp says it will send more oil skimmers to sea now that hurricane alex has moved ashore. strong winds and waves pushed oil deeper towards the coastline and marshes. this fourth of july weekend will be much different for the gulf of coast.
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usually large crowds gather on the beaches to celebrity fourth of july. but as mark potter reports the crowd is down 80% in some areas. >> reporter: for this family visiting from birmingham, alabama for the holiday weekend finding this much oil on the gulf shores beach was a major shock. >> just something that makes your heart hurt for the people that have to live off of this. >> reporter: they hoped their children could still swim here but seeing the mess, quickly changed their minds. >> it's going to take years for them to figure out what are the health risks of all this. >> reporter: for this 8-year-old who really wanted to go in the water, it was a big disappointment. >> there's so many people to blame, but it's just so sad. i was looking forward to going in there but now i guess heartbreaking. it's heartbreaking to me. >> reporter: in past years the gulf shores beach would be jammed now.
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but this year there are very few people here. >> people aren't coming. >> reporter: gulf shores mayor said a fourth of july turnout is an economic disaster. >> fourth of july weekend is the most important weekend for us. we make all our money between memorial day and labor day with fourth of july being the peak. no one is in town. >> reporter: in previous fourth of july holidays crowds fill a popular tourist spot. this year business is down nearly 70%. >> this is it. this is the money time. without this there's no -- there's no getting through the offseason. >> reporter: a loss felt by many coastal towns along the gulf as incoming oil chases most of the tourists away. mark potter, gulf shores, alabama. a consultant says bp doesn't have anywhere near enough claims adjusters to handle the short fallout from the gulf oil spill. >> we also have breaking news out of the democratic republic
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of the congo. that's where a u.n. radio station is reporting at least 220 people have died, and more than 100 others are injured after a truck carrying oil slipped and exploded. the accident happened near a remote village along the country's border with tanzania. the truck was traveling at a high rate of speed when it flipped over. local residents had rushed to steal fuel leaking from that truck. the time is now 8:11. a series of sexual assaults in the same apartment complex. plus michael steele under fire again. the insults to president obama that has even republicans calling for him to step down. >> kim will tell us with if the weather will hold out for those barbecues and fireworks. an update on breaking news this morning. an amber alert for a toddler abducted from the mount vernon metro station. stay w
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we continue to follow breaking news this morning out of the district. police are looking for this 2-year-old. his name is aaron gomez. he has curly black hair. he weighs 40 pounds. last seen wearing red shirt and blue pants. police believe he was taken outside of the mount vernon metro station in northwest washington. police believe he was abducted by 22-year-old jose turcios. he's 5'8" and about 195 pounds. he has two tatoos, one that says lidia on his neck, another that says ice on his arm. police believe he may be driving a black 1999 nissan sentra with maryland tags fje 91. if you have any information call police immediately. three people arrested and accused of being part of a russian spy ring were denied bail by an alexandria judge.
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they made their first appearances yesterday. the trio was among 11 people arrested when the ring was rounded up this week. one was living as a married couple in arlington. the couple admitted to being russian citizens living in the u.s. under false pretenses -- under false identities. prosecutors say they had $100,000 and phoney passports stashed in a safe deposit box. military officials must now get clearance from the pentagon before granting interviews. defense secretary robert gates created that new rule yesterday. the move comes after president barack obama fired the top general in afghanistan for embarrassing comments made in a rolling stone article. gates wrote, quote, i'm concerned that the department has grown lax in how we engage with the media. the rule goes into effect immediately.
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this is new helmet cam video showing how dangerous the front lines in afghanistan can be for soldiers. this was obtained by london sun newspaper. a british soldier being hit by taliban gunfire in the face. he survived that attack and after a few stitches was back on patrol just hours later. but that soldier's company has lost nine members and another 12 seriously injured in the past five weeks alone. nato says 325 soldiers have died in the war in afghanistan this year. the chairman of the republican national committee is under fire again this time for his comments about the war in afghanistan. former bush administration adviser dan senore think it's time that michael steele move on. steele angered democrats and republicans by saying the war in afghanistan was, quote, of obama's choosing. as you'll recall former president bush launched the war
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in afghanistan after the terrorist takes of 9/11. 8:16 right now. still in the 60s outside. hard to believe. >> feels good right now but kim martucci says that can change. >> oh, yeah. get ready. big changes in the weather forecast. higher heat and humidity will be following soon enough. i have the scoop coming up, looking ahead to the next seven. i'll see you on the other side of this break.
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8:19. two weeks ago we were saying it's already 80 degrees. >> now we're saying it's only 70 degrees. >> not even. >> we wish it would stay there. but not going happen.
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>> we're taking baby steps today towards higher heat. and then humidity really doesn't come in to play noticeably until next week. so i think it's a good way to jump back into summer. we da reversal in the last few days. i hope you've been enjoying the weather. expecting my first child, i'll tell you it feels so good when the humidity is lower and not 95. that's what it will be like tomorrow. we're looking at the washington monument where it's 69 degrees now. we have a gorgeous start. that warm up starts today. so by that i mean instead of highs in the 4r0er8s we'll be reaching for highs in the upper 80s. at the beach, got a great weekend. sunshine and 82 today. ocean city 90 tomorrow. water temperature a comfortable 73. looking around our neighbors in winchester have 65 at the moment. as we look further to the east clinton and annapolis, good morning there, both 69. to the south 66 quantico, 64
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ca culpeper and leonardtown 71. west virginia 63. i want to draw your attention to this number 47 that was your low this morning. hello, what season are we in? a low this morning of 56 just up the road there to 70 in resolve. nice sleeping weather. high pressure on top and this is a sinking motion in the atmosphere. so when the air sinks it compress. and it warms up so that's the trend and there are those upper 80s that we reached for today, 87, for example, the targeted high in frederick, maryland. your high temperature today st. mary's 84. the nationals are playing at home, first pitch is 4:10. in t. 89 for the evening. this high pressure cell what's it going to do? not going move much. it may go further to the east, a
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little further to the west but stagnate on top of us. we have an air quality alert code orange. so people with breathing issue, the elderly, probably going to be a little unhealthy outside doing anything today. the fireworks forecast looks good. we're not forecast a drop of rain in site. we'll just ease into upper 80s this afternoon and later tonight with clear skies drop back down into the middle 60s here, upper 50s in the suburbs. tomorrow that's where we step towards the 90s working on a high of 95. as we extend this forecast right into next week the 90s stay put. the humidity starts to creep back up. i would say about tuesday and wednesday. by then the 90s are still here with loz in the 70s. keep in mind average high is only 88. next week we'll be a solid 10 degrees hotter than where we normally go. wednesday or thursday a shot of tying our record high of 99.
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so heads up. you've been forewarned. >> can you do forecast with fireworks bursting behind you >> isn't that cool. >> thank you. the nationals get pickpocketed coming from behind. >> high drama. hakem dermish has your "sports minute". good morning, everyone. your "sports minute" begins with baseball. nationals hosting the mets last night. nationals down two runs in the ninth inning but roger gets picked off at second base to the end game. the nats lose 5-3 falling 11 games under .500. later today strasberg takes the mound against the mets. that's at 4:10. the netherlands against brazil. first time brazil lost a cup game. ghana against uruguay. final moments of extra time.
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ghana on the offensive. protecting the goal. knocks the ball away with his hand. can't do that. automatic red card rejection as well as a penalty shot. the game winner against team usa takes the penalty shot and hits the cross bar. the game goes to penalty kick. uruguay advanced to the semi-finals for the first time since 1970. that's your "sports minute." i'm hakem dermish. have a happy fourth of july weekend. police in south africa say they dropped a marijuana charge against paris hilton. she was arrested friday on suspicion of possession of marijuana at the world cup. the charge was dropped when the woman charged with hilton said it was her pot and pleaded guilty. later on twitter hilton said she
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wasn't charged, wasn't even arrested she claims. she's simply helping police with their investigation. she wrote, quote, everyone was super nice and friendly to me. it was stunned to discover it's been using a wrong formula to determine the iphone signal strength. class action lawsuits accuse apple knowingly shipping the device with a defect. this is the new iphone 4. some customers call it the death grip. the lawsuits also claim dropped calls are so numerous that the phone can't be used in the way it was intend. apple says it will have a software update in a couple of weeks and that will fix an error in the way the signal strength is displayed. moms out there imagine you're hanging out with your kids at home and a wanted criminal bursts through the front door. it happened in arizona and could it have ended in tragedy if not for the heroic actions of one of three children. >> reporter: we were right here
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when all of a sudden the back door flew open. big huge guy comes flying in. >> he was like pushing us into the house, then i took his phone and i went into the bathroom and called 911. >> 911, what's your emergency. >> someone broke into my home. >> is he gone? >> no he's still here. >> where are you at. >> in the bathroom. >> he got out of the bathroom window snipe huddled them up and immediately telling them get down i said ready and evening right when i got those words out the door was barbed down and it was all over. so his call absolutely essential to saving the family from the danger they were at inside. >> this could have went either way. >> his courageous call may have made all the difference. >> he's a big hero in this situation. >> not even a teen and he's already being called hero.
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>> i think he earned it. >> his parents deserve a reward for teaching their child what to do in an emergency. how cool and collected boy. >> 8:26 right now. ahead a live report on our breaking news. an amber alert issued for a missing 2-year-old. forecast when we come back. stay with us, everyone.
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breaking news this morning. police are searching fored to -- toddler abducted from a local metro station. i'm gill.
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>> police say aaron was taken outside of the mount vernon metro station by his mother's ex-boyfriend. news 4 derrick ward is outside the mount vernon metro station with more. what do you know? >> reporter: this abduction happened here outside of the mount vernon metro station yesterday afternoon. we want to show you a picture of that child again. he's identified as 2-year-old aaron gomez. his mother said that he was taken from, in front of the mount vernon metro station by her ex-boyfriend. he's a 2-year-old hispanic male. three feet tall. weighs 40 pound. he has curly bushy hair last seen wearing a red shirt and long blue pants. we also have some suspect information. the suspect is 22-year-old alex turcios. he's a maim, 5'8" inches weighing 195 pound. he was last seen wearing a cream colored shirt and blue jeans with his hair in a pony tail. he has some tatoos.
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one on the left side of his neck that reads lidia and another on his right forearm that reads ice. there was also a vehicle description, a black 1999 nissan sentra which maryland plates. those plates read 5fj-e91. and police, again, say that if you encounter the suspect with the child you should not approach them, you could put yourself or the child in danger but you should contact police immediately. we're lichb northwest. now back to you. thank you. now let's get a check on our fourth of july forecast. kim martucci is in for us this morning with a warmup. >> yes. a warmup. it's july. we might as well get the warmup in. the problem is it's going to stay put once it gets here. we won't shake free of it any
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time soon. we've been pretty lucky with these gorgeous mornings. this morning no exception. we're at 69 now. we have some 50s widespread in our suburbs when we first got up. yesterday's high was 83. that dew point, 51, that is key to our happiness. dew points are in the 50s this time the year it's a sign of how low the moisture content is in the air and lower humidity. it's 66 in winchester, 72 in frederick, 66 quantico. i don't see any clouds threatening this forecast but i do see upper 80s later this afternoon. we'll reach for a high between 88 and 89 and i'll see you guys in just a bit. >> thank you, kim. the fourth of july weekend is here and this morning president obama took time in his weekly presidential radio address to talk about independence day. >> i wish every american a safe and happy fourth of july. and to all our troops serving in harm's way i want you to know you have the support of a
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grateful nation and a proud commander in chief. thank you, god bless you and god bless the united states of america. >> the president will celebrate his oldest daughter's birthday tomorrow. she turns 12. metro is preparing for holiday tourists to flood nation's capital. there will be extra service on the fourth of july but large crowds are expected for most of the weekend. the smithsonian station will be closed most of the day tomorrow but will re-open after the fireworks. metro expects to be at rush hour capacity between 6:00 p.m. and midnight on the fourth. a reminder if you live in montgomery and prince george's county, mandatory water restrictions are in effect while crews repair a water main. violators will face a fine. workers shut off the water flow to the eight-foot main yesterday but they say they need to pump more water out of the pipe before they can begin installing replacement parts. people living in the area say they are adjusting to the restrictions. we still have an adequate supply of water in our
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distribution system to supply our customers and fire protection, but with that said it doesn't mean folks should ignore the restriction, it means we need to continue doing what we're doing. 54 people were warned for violating the restrictions. sources tell news 4 that includes redskins team own dan snyder. a first offense gets waurng, second one costs you $500. we have a crime alert for part of fairfax county, virginia. police believe the same man is responsible for four sexual assaults in the last eight weeks and all of those assaults were in or around one apartment complex. jackie bensen reports. >> reporter: fairfax police say men have been a targeting women in this apartment complex. the most recent incident happened tuesday around 7:00 p.m. and it was still daylight. police say an 18-year-old woman
8:35 am
was grabbed and touched inappropriately as she was entering a building in the 7900 block of charles thompson lane. a family member heard her screams and came running to help. the suspect fled. >> to me it's shocking because, i mean, my sister is here as well, my fiancee is here as well. we used to take long walks at night to take our dogs out but it's hard now to see things like this. >> reporter: police think the same suspect described as an asian man in his 20s grabbed and groped a woman on may 9th just around the corner on john tyler court on june 6th, two similar incidents occur in the same area in a one hour time span. all the victims are in their late teens and erly 20s. neighbors say they are very concerned that the suspect is someone that lives nearby. >> i have a girl and we think we need more security in here. >> reporter: jackie bensen, news 4, today. some residents said they have seen the man hanging around
8:36 am
the apartment complex during the day. one resident said the man knocked on her door and asked for a glass of water. when she refused he left. district investigators just release this surveillance video of a man they believe is involved in a series of daylight areas at area business, the video was taken on wednesday at rita's water ice on florida avenue northwest. the suspect allegedly pulled a knife or screwdriver and then stole money from cash register. the same suspect is responsible for an attempted robbery at a pet shop the very day and another robbery at another pet store yesterday. investigators want anyone with information to give them a call. it is 8:36 right now. will the weather hold out for your outdoor plans? kim is back with the fourth of july forecast. we're following breaking news, an amber alert issued for a toddler abducted from a mount
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we continue to follow breaking news this morning out of the district. police are looking for 2-year-old aaron gomez. take a look at his picture right here. even has curly black hear and weighs 40 pound. he was seen wearing a red shirt and long blue pants. he was taken from the mount vernon metro station. he was daukted by 22-year-old jose turcios his mother's ex-boyfriend. he's 5'8", 195 pounds, two tattoos one that says lidia on his neck another that says ice on his forearm. he may be driving a black 1999 nissan sentra with maryland tags 5 fje 91. if you have any information call 911 immediately. the fourth of july is a time for the entire nation to celebrate but it's important to do so responsibly and if you've had too much to drink during
8:40 am
these weekend festivities put away the car keys first and with a simple phone call you can get a free ride home safely. it's called sober ride. this is an important conversation to have for several reasons. first, how does a sober ride work? >> it's a free cab ride service we've done since 1993. 48,000 people have done the right thing and use this program. it's available through a free phone call. 1-800-200-taxi starting at 10:00 p.m. on july 4th to july 5th. anybody celebrating independence day with alcohol call this number. >> a ride home? >> primary restrictions we continue take you to another drinking establishment. you have to be of legal drinking age in d.c., maryland and virginia and we pay up to a $50
8:41 am
fare. so it captures the majority of rides. >> funding was in danger. >> it was in deed. we had a 35% drop in corporate support. unfortunately it was coupled with an increase in use. we've been trying to find additional funding. we had a number of groups including millers and coarse and geico who stepped forward. we needed $31,000. we raised $32,000. we pay for these cab rides that behind-the-scenes there's a three person charitable organization that pays full fares. there's a $60,000 to $70,000 cost to put this program in. new underage drinking programs go into effect? >> i'm a big supporter of this. virginia's drinking rates have
8:42 am
remained stagnant. all the laws empower the court to crack down on underage drinking. the major changes are if you're guilty of an underage drinking offense you have that sentence deferred. now judges have the option of finding you guilty and if you're found guilty you can be looking to having $500 and having your drivers license taken away. second offense, not only is your drivers license suspended for a year, the judge can suspended your motor-vehicle. >> if kids were caught drinking in the park and they said my mom or dad gave me the beer they get off? >> in virginia, you can legally serve your own children alcohol in our residence. a new law established to make sure that law is consumed in that want same residence versus kids utilizing a loophole >> how can we get a sober ride? >> 10:00 p.m. fourth of july to
8:43 am
6:00 a.m. on july 5th. call 1-800-200-taxi. >> pound taxi right on your cell phone. >> absolutely. >> appreciate your time. okay. aaron, back to you. we've got a forecast today that's going to be heating up. upper 80s today. wait until you see the 90s coming here for a good long time. we'll talk about the holiday forecast too. it's all coming
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uruguay. 8:45. welcome back, everyone. we've been dealing with cool temperatures. relatively cool temperatures the last several days. >> dealing with? >> we've been loving, absorbing. >> cherishing. >> now you stab us through the heart. but change is coming. >> the calendar flipped and we're in july. usually by now we're like. it will be like that soon enough. the next couple of days is how we'll gradually ease back into summer. clear skies like yesterday. the temperatures are not spiking super early but we're going to head a little higher up the thermometer than we were yesterday. dew point 51. and the winds are out of the southwest at seven miles per hour. if you're going out on the bay
8:47 am
today 85 for the forecasted high. west winds five to ten knots. that bay water temperature 76. feels pretty good. another location we have for you, 67 right now chantilly you're low this morning refreshing 54. here's some other numbers four. frederick 72. martinsburg still holding on to that 59. 66 quantico and leonardtown coming in with 71. hardly any clouds to be found. so we'll keep it that way today and pretty much right through into next week. this high will get stagnated and the air circulation isn't going that great. it traps a lot of pollutants and ozone and starting today we have a code orange air quality alert. people in the sensitive groups, the elderly, people with asthma not a good day to be outside.
8:48 am
winchester forecasted high of 85. high of 90 for warrenton and fredericksburg. high pressure stays here. this front would be nice if it could sweep through and bring us rain. but the way the atmosphere is right now bringing all the activity up and over us, a big blocking mechanism in the atmosphere, doesn't allow the air to travel too much. 82 in ocean city, 90 tomorrow with lots of sunshine and fireworks tomorrow night should be great. a little warm, 85 but no rain in this forecast. let's put it in writing. we got a good one today with lots of sun. ease into the upper 80s stead of the 4r0er8s where we've been and later on tonight, tomorrow morning we'll be waking up to 66 downtown with still some upper 50s in the burbs. a comfortable night for sleeping but that changes after tomorrow. back in the middle 90s buff know it and as we extend the forecast the next couple of days watch how the 90s stay locked in place on this extended forecast.
8:49 am
97 monday, 98 on tuesday and into next week we stay in the 90s with loss in the 70s. our next chance for rain really is not until friday and even looking at the latest computer model runs it doesn't look like a solid wall of rain coming at us just some isolated thunderstorms at best. we really do need the rain. it would help cool us. >> dry clear skies for fireworks. perfect conditions. >> doesn't get any better. >>
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we continue to follow breaking news this morning out of the district. police are looking for this little boy, 2-year-old aaron gomez. even has curly black hair, about 3 feet tall and weighs 40 pound. he was last seen wearing a red shirt and bluens. police believe he was taken outside of the mount vernon metro station in northwest washington yesterday afternoon. police believe he was dauktd by 22-year-old jose turcios, his mother's ex-boyfriend. he has two tattoos one that says lidia on his neck, another that says ice on his forearm. he may be driving a black 1999 nissan sentra with maryland tags 5 fj-e 91. if you have any information call
8:53 am
911 immediately. sheila johnson never stops thinking of new ideas and turning them into reality. besides being actively involved as the mystics president she's doing a new documentary and launching a five star middleburg resort. she talks about people who helped her become a success over a male dominated field. she talks with lindsay czarniak in lunch with lindsay. >> you grow some of this on your farm? >> yes. we have real farm to table here. we use the farmers that are in the area. >> you do so much. i mean, you obviously got the mystics team. you got your movie that's doing incredibly well. you have the market and resort. what fuels you the most? >> everything i do. i mean it's fun table to get out of bed this morning and go what
8:54 am
am i going to do today? oh, it's game day so i'm going into the city. all the food that you saw, i feed my team afterwards. >> do you really? >> yeah. i put together a menu and they get organic food after the game. so i do whatever i have to do in the office and around 12:00, 1:00 i start to head into the city and i have my game face on and i'm ready for my girls. >> you are so good at branding, and at making things successful. how do you feel about where the wnba is right now >> i think the wnba is stronger than its ever been. what you're seeing the wnba owners are starting to become independent. so you're going to see more female ownership into these teams. i started that. >> absolutely did you. >> abe pollen did. he came to me and said i want
8:55 am
you to buy the washington mystics. i said me? he said why not you. you can be the face of this team. that's what i think was the impetus that got it started. once i met the players and david stern and david was so cute. he took me over in a corner, i'll never forget. he says young lady you're very successful at a lot of things but if you screw this up, it's toast. >> i'm like oh, my god. >> got our jumbo lump crab cakes. >> unbelievable. >> you mentioned your film, "the other city." it was just shown at the tribeca film festival. it's about the aids epidemic here in washington. why did you feel a need to really cover that topic? >> what's happening now, and the reason i wanted to be so vocal about this, young people nowadays are freely engaging in
8:56 am
sex without protection. this disease is spreading because of that. they really do not think they will get this. they think they are invulnerable. so if anything i want this file to be a catalyst so we can be better. sheila johnson lives on 152 acres in middleburg, virginia very close to the land on which houses her resort. could it have a significant economic impact on the community. we'll share that conversation and the adversity she's faced along the way next week. fascinating woman. that's it for "news4 today." thanks for joining us, everyone. >> wimbledon is coming up next. we'll be back tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. until then we high pressure have a great day. the first time that i saw a sporting event on fios,
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